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Originally Posted by voldak View Post
Hey Tim!!

Just thought I would drop by and say how much I've enjoyed your videos/tutorials throughout the years. And I do have a question for you.

I recently ordered Axis A Longboard double pedal. I have been using an Iron Cobra Double Pedal for about 6 years. The pedal hasn't been in my possession the whole time and has taken some really rough treatment and has been in some bad conditions. The springs are now rusted, and are on the default settings (loose) and are unadjustable. Also, the chains on the pedals are rusted as well as most of the other hardware. I've been saving up instead of trying to fix up the dying pedal.

I can do single strokes 16ths at about 180 pretty comfortably. I've also been trying to learn the heel-toe technique through various videos, tutorials (including your own- with the heel slam making the double), and I can't get it to work. I was wondering if it's just me or if it could just be the pedal (due to it's condition). I'm really excited about getting my new pedals in, but it'll be a couple of weeks. What do you think? (sorry for the long post)
First of all I NEVER slam my foot into the pedal I just let the heel drop naturally.
try oiling the springs LOL
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