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Default Re: Phil Maturano here!

Hello everyone, here is the latest on the intensive day.

I am very happy to say that Pat Petrillo will be joining me on the project and that we will be dividing the subjects between us. I will be doing Latin, Inner clock work and practice seminar. And Pat will be doing Hand technique and Contemporary drumset studies.

Also, the days we are looking at for the event is on the 10th or 11th. Any preference? We will be voting on it probably.

Also, the cost will now be $100.00 for the day. Pat is also including some materials from his works and, Regal tip sticks will be giving away sticks to the participants. Possibly there will be a cymbal give away by my cymbal company "Anatolian" -

Everything else is the same. I look forward to hearing from more participants and welcome you to the day. You dont need to be super advanced to participate. It seems that this is a concern of some of you who have been writing. But you will have to be able to function on the kit. If you are a total beginner its probably way too much.
In that case we could take about regular lessons.

Phil M.
Live to play!
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