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Originally Posted by Pearl Player View Post
Wow, only a few hours? And your in the land of the Coaster Gods. If I could find more time.... Magic Mountain (Home of X) Disney Land, Knotts Berry Farm.... Yea im into Coaster and Amusement parks. I even managed a trip to Disneys California Dreamining While at NAMM this year. The convention center borders Disney. If that dont work how about visiting one of the great music shops there.

I went to Magic Mountain (i.e., was bullied into going to Magic Mountain by my best friend whom I was visiting) and I couldn't hang. I went on one coaster, didn't feel quite 100% after that, but decided I was just getting my sea legs and jumped right onto another, Batman. Well, I almost passed out on that one and was a little more than tipsy getting off. I spent the rest of the day watching my friend go on every other insane contraption the park had to offer and wondering why she or anyone else would want to put themselves through such misery.

ANYWAY, if you've only got a few hours to kill, I recommend two things. For the high road, check out the Getty Museum or the Getty Villa--great art, history, etc. For the low road, walk up/down Venice Beach--human freak show, nice beach and great junk food.
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