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Default Re: The legendary Steve Gadd.

Originally Posted by Dr_Funky View Post
I agree with you there. He's a bit overrated compared to other drummers I'm hearing out there these days. But indeed, he's got the groove, and I can admire him for that.

I suppose the beautiful thing about Mr. Gadd's playing is the way he can make simple rudiments sound so good, but I wouldn't put him in the same category of chops as, say, Thomas Lang or Virgil Donati.
Well first of all man, if you can't hear Gadd's world class chops you neither have them yourself or even understand why people pursue them. You perfect major chops so you don't have to use them. Can you even imagine the discipline that has to take? That's what the beautiful thing about Gadd is. And its also why he can perfect that awesome groove that you wrongly think is something different from his chops.

I cringe when I read stuff like this because it just plays into the stereotype that people who are into the drummers with chops see only that at the expense of all things.
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