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Originally Posted by foursticks View Post
Substance isnt 'just creativity - sure that's an important part of it, but what's the use of it when you can't play it with enough feel?
Travis' playing lacks a certain warmth, which is what some people, I suppose, are saying. He's a classic example of chops over groove..

That's my opinion anyway, so please don't attack me.
for starters, i'm not attacking you...everyone has there own opinion and it's the mature thing to respect that. but i THINK the reason we don't see much "warmth" from him is beacuse "warmth" isn't is style. i THINK he mostly thinks hit it hard, loud and fast to make a good mark on the song and to leave a good impression. but i think that it's also an imprtant thing to be able to have that sense of warmth on the throne.
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