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Default Re: Stanley Cup Playoffs

Originally Posted by shuffle View Post
Morrisson didn't have puck control. Clear interference. Not legal.

But that's the game anyway. I didn't say the Flyers didn't deserve the win. And I didn't mention Ovechkin either.
he didn't interfere the other capital did. I was kidding about the Ovechkin comment, it just seems like everybody was rooting for the caps to beat Philly for the entire series, Particularly Barry Melrose, who's been doing espn's hockey analysis lately. all i've heard from him is sydney crosby this, alexander ovechkin that. It's just really nice to knock off a team that has been favorited from the beggening of the series. and to knock out ovechkin in particular cause i don't like him. Yah he scored 65 goals but he was diving all over the ice the entire series trying to draw penalties. I don't like watching fakers
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