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Default Re: Stanley Cup Playoffs

Originally Posted by shuffle View Post
I just can't believe Flyers's second goal was allowed yesterday. Such a bad call in a seventh game is unacceptable.

Canadians are again facing a team against which they've not lost this season. But it is now a whole new season, and many players havn't performed very well against the Bruins. Another tight series for the Habs.
How was that a bad call. He checked the defender(legal) and the defender tumbled into and knocked away his own goalie. I don't see any problem with that. Especially since in game 3 the caps were allowed a goal on a deflection that was both a high stick and goal tender interference(his stick hit Biron's glove). So as far as I'm concerned fair is fair. The better team won the series, you and the rest of the world can stop sucking on Alexander Ovetchkin's teat now...

oh, and the Flyer's take it in 4.
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