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well in modern drummer travis said he wast just a punk drummer matt. i also love how all of you people decided for some reason that you have the skill and ability to judge every drummer. every one of you is on the steve gadd jojo mayer(i love both of them) band wagon. if someone comes on with a different opinion then you all attack them. travis is not the best drummer. i learned to play drums by playing along with blink cds. but all you "HIGH AND MIGHTY" drummers need to learn that you are in no place to judge them. dont get me wrong some of my favorite drummers are billy martin, jojo mayer, and benny grebb. but that doesnt give me the right to come in here and say this drummer is boring uncreative and has no technique. who cars if they can play jazz and funk. they are playing what they love to play just as you and i do. i know this will not make any of you think twice about what you say because no matter what you think youre right. so its just whatever. but put yourself in the person who feels that they have to defend their favorite drummer. what if it were steve gadd...?
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