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Originally Posted by TonyAKA View Post
That's a nice post Alex,

I couldn't agree more. For me though, I don't remember Jeff passing. I was only a 12 year old boy at the time.
I was a 21-year-old college kid, sunning myself-taking messages for my Dad (residential carpenter/contractor). The local station broadcast the news -and I swear all I heard were the words, JEFF PORCARO and fatal heart attack.

I am convinced that heart attack was set in motion due to the organophosphate Dursban, which is what Jeff was spraying in the yard that day.
According to a BBC Radio1 interview with Luke last year, Lukather stated that Jeff told Luke by phone that afternoon that he was, "gonna go take care of the yard---having a barbecue this weekend."

For those unaware---Dursban is in the exact same chemical class as SARIN and VX

I have researched this for years because I went through anaphylactic shock about nine months before Jeffrey did....the only difference?
I lived.

Folks, that's FRIGHTENING.
iF YOU'VE NEVER gone through Anaphylaxis, it is hideous.
Fever, chills, sore throat, restricted breathing and the ER staff that worked with me monitored my blood pressure for TWO make sure it would actually stablize--and stop fluxing.

My situation was due to Tampons. Fellas---read the insert in the box of tampons.
I went through that.

Organophosphates like Dursban and Malathion are tacky. Jeff got enough of it that it stuck to the lining of his lungs. It attaches itself (the organophosphate) to smooth muscle.
(i.e. Diaphragm...? Paralyzes smooth muscle. Atropine and 2PAM and oxygen into the lungs are the ONLY WAYS to break that bond-this mess was a NERVE agent that Jeff was messing with that day.

Scott tells me Jeff would fit into the back seat of Scott's Porsche-grab his kit and they'd go to a gig---WITH Jeff's drums in the car.

My guess is that Jeffrey was no taller than 5ft. 7in.
He was small-framed.
Too much bug killer is a BAD thing.
I spray soap and water on my roses now. Always have for the past few years.
Jeff had a family history of atherosclerosis.
I have read another interview in which Luke stated that two of Jeff's uncles passed before they hit 40.
I lost a cousin to 'hardening of the arteries" when Joel was 17.

But for me, sitting out in the sun on 6 August 1992....hearing that it was an allergic reaction?

That's what Anaphylactic Shock is.
Somehow ---tampons did that to me, but are any of you allergic to peanuts or shellfish?
Same deal can happen to you.
I had gone through that crap NINE MONTHS before Jeff left us.
I cried for TWO HOURS knowing what I know---because I'd gone through it.
God bless him,---he had to be so scared.
It is a FRIGHTENING thing to know your throat's closing on you....or that you have a fever Tylenol won't cut through.
And when your BP starts going crazy---gang. If I can do ONE THING related to our loss of a kickin' drummer -it's tell people to know what the sings of Anaphylactic Shock are.
They're real.
Lived through it.
I wish Jeff had---his youngest kid would have grown up with his real dad around.
God knows what he's doing. My guess?
He allowed Jeff to leave us so that we'd learn to treasure this Music and the talent to play.
And to treasure our families and friends.

If I hear "Pamela" or "Calling Elvis" I crank it up. "KOD" is my absolute fave record other the "TOTO IV" that Jeff was on for his band. But there are COUNTLESS other tracks I grew up hearing that are jsut unmistakeably "Jeff".
It's a hoot to be able to hear his work, still.

Somebody mentioned Abe Jr.
Check out Lukather's "Ever Changing Times" (new disc -June 3rd Stateside).
Abe Jr. threw down some very "Jeff" things for Luke's latest solo effort.
Jammin' his OWN way all the same. Abe Jr. KICKS BUTT on that album.
(So too, does Luke's kid Trevor!)

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