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Default Re: Ironwood drum set

Originally Posted by Deathmetalconga View Post
A 24-inch ride and 15-inch hats! That is insane, Citizen Insane! I'd like to see this set. What kinds of drums, etc.? Don't be ashamed. There are some people here with $20,000 sets that are boring as hell and people here with CB700s held together with baling wire that are inspiring.
I play a (don't laugh) a 4 piece fender "starcaster" drum kit. Sizes are 12',16', and 22'. The drums themselves are appauling, but everything else I have is nice.

I use paiste 2002 cymbals, 15-inch hats,24-inch ride (both on my left side), and an 18-inch crash. The hats sound like heaven, crisp and highly responsive. (even for its size.) My ride is ok, I think its silly that people who have Bonham replica kits buy this ride, It is way more washy and gongy sounding than the ride you hear on the Zeppelin albums. And the 18 -inch crash is basically the crash sound I hear in my head.

My snare is a 14x7 Yamaha Birch Custom Absolute Noveau. It sounds really nice, I tune it medium tight, So I get a nice crack along with plenty of meat.

The pedals I play are Tama Iron Cobra's. The hi-hat stand is IMO, the best on the market. The bass pedal is not really my thing, I prefer the DW 5000.

So thats my kit, I wish I can post pics but my camera has been acting screwy lately. (hope to get it fixed soon!)
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