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That's a nice post Alex,

I couldn't agree more. For me though, I don't remember Jeff passing. I was only a 12 year old boy at the time.

It would be another two years before I even knew who he was. The funny thing is, I WAS actually well aware of Jeff throughout the 80's. I always remember being a kid and hearing "I Keep Forgetting", and being aware of the bass drum toward the end. My mother was a huge George Benson fan, and I absolutely loved "Lady love Me, One More Time", being aware of the Hats toward the end. And who was a true 80's child who didn't love "Human Nature"!!!??? That Tom to Snare Roll at the chorus of the Shoop Shoop Song!? Hell, I was digging that shuffle on "You Might Need Somebody" way before I even had the presence of mind to ask who the man behind the drums was.

I saw Dave Weckl in a clinic recently. He was asked who his favourite drummer was, and before the kid could finish his sentence, Dave replied, "No...No...that would be too narrow minded, NEXT!".

While I see his point, I can't help but put Jeff above all the rest in my mind. I really see him as a set standard, with most of my other fav's being apprentices of Jeff, eg, Vinnie, Abe Jr, Gregg Bissonette etc.

The interviews over at Musicast are real gold (thanks to Gretschgal for pointing that one out). Although they all talk a lot about Jeff, to me, David Hungate's really stands out. Here is somebody who was extremely close to Jeff, with some excellent stories, and real heartfelt words. And what better way to describe Jeff than as photography, "He was always in focus"...

Echoing Dave's sentiments, whenever I'm blasting a record with Jeff on, he's there, right there.

R.I.P my brother. The world is a sad place without you, but incredibly fortunate to have been blessed with what you left behind.
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