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Originally Posted by Gretschgal96 View Post
[At Toto 99, there's a video clip of Mikey where he states that Jeffrey's heart was "that of an artist". And that to, "Know Jeff was to love him."
I'll tell ya:
when Jeff passed away in 1992 (5th August) I was taking a sunbath in a beach in Sardegna (Italy).
I didn't even know about him.
After some time I listened to Toto IV but I didn't know who the drummer was.

The minute I linked the two things I almost cried. It sounds stupid crying for people who you even don't know.

So I'm asking you: why?

In these years I tried to find an answer and I've come up with this: because when Jeff played he was expressing himself as a human being.

So to know the beauty of his playing was meaning to know his beauty as a human being.

That's why I almost cried. Because the earth has lost a true Human Being.
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