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Default Re: What's in Your Bag?

I carry 2 normal stick bags out and a small travel case when I play out. Here is the contents.
Bag 1
4 pairs of Gadd Nylon tips
4 pairs of 5a Regal E series (Thanks Carol)
1 pair Gadd Brushes
1 Pair T2 Mallets
1 Pair of Vater Wire Tap brushes
In the pocket:
A few of each Dunlop picks
2 sets of strings depending on who I am playing with these vary
2 pack of 9 volt batts
snare cable
snare strap
4 pairs of cheap sticks
a cordless screwdriver with a flathead, phillips, and a tuning key attachment.
Puffy bass drum beater
In the pocket:
replacement Tama clutch
drop clutch
4 pack of AA batts for the screwdriver
Tama tuning key
extra felts
extra Pearl rubber clutch "felts"
allen key for my rack.
small screwdriver set
Small anvil case:
Tama chain replacement.
tension rods of a few sizes
Drum Dial (Thanks Steve)
cowbell and mount.
cup holder for my Redbull
mounted ashtray
vater clip on stick holder
guitar tuner
Fluke digital multi meter
soldering iron
1/4 inch cables
xlr cables
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