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Default Re: Istanbul Agop Picture-Fest

Originally Posted by Latin Groover View Post
Yea both mine are very thin
21" Signature 1856g
20"SE 1581g
But they are both amazing. The sig has a fairly strong, stick definition over that dark, trashy wash that is the AGOP sig. I like to describe the stick definition as 'beady', as it has this small, precise, but still very present click. It's amazingly controllable, I can play from a whisper to crashing it and it follows. It doesn't ring for ages either, perfectly controllable.
Whats your lightest sig? Do you only have a 21" and 22", I'd love a 22"sig, big brother set-up.
But then I'm also saving for a 22", 21" Turk, and I love the sig hats. I'd love to know how your Epoch goes too. My addiction definitely has started.
Sounds like you have some killer thin samples Latin Groover. My 22" Sig is 2210g as has the qualities you describe but with a little more woody stick perhaps. Hard to say. My Turk Jazz Ride comes in at 2250g and again has a nice woody yet very complex stick sound and attack. My word of advice is try to get a pair of the heavier Sig hats if your decide to get some. They are amazing. Also they were just introduced at NAMM 08 in a 16" size. Matt Chamberlain is using them and has already recorded with them.

No Epoch yet but did test 10 samples last Monday all were very nice. I got hooked on that sweet 21" 1970g Ottoman Jazz Ride I recently mentioned and pictured. Think i'm going to go with an Epoch too down the road when I get a chance to hear them one more time and make a decision on one without any other surprise last minute Agop "distractions" to sway me away from getting one. No rush on it i'm well supplied :} and yes the "Turkish addiction" continues LOL!

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