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Default Re: Istanbul Agop Picture-Fest

Originally Posted by Steamer View Post
Awesome Latin Groover. The Agop Signature cymbals are pure bronze art in my view and your pictures yet again capture the beauty of these cymbals.

Hey how's the stick over wash ratio on on your 21" 1856g Sig by the way? . Pretty light for a 21" incher but hey when I heard the way on top woody stick click on my Ottoman 21" Jazz Ride at 1970g it changed FOREVER everything I had previously believed in regards to thinner Agop rides at least in regards to what this particular Ottoman design managed to pull off which came as quite a surprise to me. Best heard stick click over wash according to an old long time friend and jazz guitar player I work with and this is the LIGHTEST/ THINNESS Agop ride in my collection. Go figure :}
Yea both mine are very thin
21" Signature 1856g
20"SE 1581g
But they are both amazing. The sig has a fairly strong, stick definition over that dark, trashy wash that is the AGOP sig. I like to describe the stick definition as 'beady', as it has this small, precise, but still very present click. It's amazingly controllable, I can play from a whisper to crashing it and it follows. It doesn't ring for ages either, perfectly controllable.
Whats your lightest sig? Do you only have a 21" and 22", I'd love a 22"sig, big brother set-up.
But then I'm also saving for a 22", 21" Turk, and I love the sig hats. I'd love to know how your Epoch goes too. My addiction definitely has started.
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