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Default Re: the "how" thread

]Music- No particular music ... altho I suppose I could give the Beatles credit ... they got me into music in the first place, even tho' that was 40 years before I got the notion to play drums; and it was at a concert by Ringo Starr and his All-Star Band that I got bit by the drum bug.

Drummer- Seeing Sheila E drumming at the above-mentioned concert gave me the idea. But it was seeing Kenny Aronoff in action that made up my mind. Watched him thru my little binoculars and said, "I want to do what that guy does"!

Person- I give my husband credit, for not laughing at me, for buying me my drum kit, and for continuing to encourage me.

Style- I'm first and foremost a rock-n-roll baby ... and classic rock is my first true love. I'm enjoying later rock, and even Blues, but I want to play the true classics.

Inspirations- Kenny Aronoff, without a doubt. Seeing him, made we want to start drumming; 6 months later, when I was discouraged and ready to quit, a private lesson with him kicked the door open and made me want to work harder than I knew I could. He knocks my socks off ... I've put him on warning that one day I intend to return the favor!!
I also have a great network of friends ... both on- and off-line ... who encourage me and believe in me, and make me want to really accomplish something.
Don't mess with the little lady drummer!!!
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