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Default Re: Istanbul Agop Picture-Fest

Originally Posted by KONA View Post
I took all eleven of my Istanbul Agop cymbals down for a while and put my two (2) Istanbul Agop ride cymbals up here (all alone) to really check them out with the drums. I bought them along with my other cymbals last October but I had them packed away in their cymbal bags until now.

They are:

The serial numbered collectors 06 22 inch and 25th Anniversary 20.5 inch rides.
They sound wicked with those Vic Firth (Steve Smith) birch Tala Wands!
Nice Kona. I rotate my Agops alot too well trying to select just the right cymbal for certain musical situations so it's cool just to put up just a couple to get to know better what you have.

In regards to the 06 and 25th rides. Well selecting my new "treasures" last Monday in walks in right after i'm done but another local jazz drummer veteran i've known going on some 30 years now. This was his first venture into the world of Istanbul Agop cymbal and to make a long story short after going through lots of cool jazz type rides and hanging out and sharing old stories he went home with both the 06 and 25th rides at the end of the day as his personal favorites. His first step into the "Turkish addiction" is off to a good start i'd say :}

This also means that there is only a couple of brand new 06 rides up for grabs in North America since the quota has long been reached and production of them has ceased and Heartbeat Percussion has the last few of what's left of them in stock at present.

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