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Default Re: Any drummers here from Cuba?

Originally Posted by Raymond Bloom View Post
Hi, fellow drummers!

So, the thing is, I'm traveling to Cuba (4.August - 28. August) and I'm looking for a place to live in Havana, of course my first idea was to ask here, maybe I could meet some fellow drummers, that would be really cool, also I'd be glad if I can help somehow. So, yeah...

Anybody from Cuba here? Or maybe you know a place that you'd advise for me to live? I really don't want to live in a hotel, that would mean that I won't see the real Cuba at all

Anyone been there? How was it? Share your experience! I'll gladly appreciate any help

Well we have a huge number of world class Cuban musicians living here in Vancouver. One of thw worlds best latin kit players resides in Vancouver who's originally from Havana and knows everybody on the local scene in Cuba by the name of Gilberto Moreaux.

You could send him a PM on his MYSPACE page since he's not a member here. Very nice guy who would probably be glad to help out Raymond. Good luck!

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