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Default Re: Sleeping with metronom

Originally Posted by capnkate68 View Post
ok i am not i drummer or anything i play lead guitarist and i was looking to buy a metronome because my friend borrowed and then lost it. this is where i saw a sight to said sleeping with a metronome around 60 bpm helps you sleep so i searched Google and found this forum and so i wanted to give it a try so when my metronome came in the mail i set it to 144 the beat of a lot of my favorite songs like Bark at the Moon by Ozzy Osbourne. here what i did i put a pillow over my metronome so it was quit and i always go to sleep with my tv on so i turned it on and put a sleep timer on i when to sleep fast and easy and i got a full sleep with it on, and i can tell a differences but its no big deal i mean am a guitarist i don't make a beat i just follow it.
I dont understand what you are saying. You might want to rephrase a little.
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