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Originally Posted by aydee View Post
A Billy story:

This has nothing to do with how great Billy is or is'nt, but back in '81, I had gone to hear Billy at a little music club in Greenwich Village, New York, called THE BOTTOM LINE.

Billy was to go on at 9pm, but I'd gotten to the club a little early.

Strains of loud music were emerging through the doors of the club, as I walked up to the counter clerk.

" Who's opening for him ?"
I asked him.

" Oh, some band called Police or something.. from the UK" he replied in a sleepy voice.

" what kind of music? " I continued, trying to decide if they were worth a listen

..... "Some punk BS" he said.

I decided to kill a half hour walking around the neighborhood, and returned to the club after a chilidog & diet coke, to the closing strains of Roxanne.

A few months later, you could hear nothing else on the radio.

Oh, and by the way, Billy blew my mind wide open that night, and I still have'nt fully recovered.

Brilliant story that!! Bet you were gutted mate :(

I saw billy cobham a few years back playin a clinic in Swansea was absolutley brilliant. Maybe i was biased though because he plays opened handed like me ;)
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