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Tama Rockstar (2001 model) 5 piece
22", 14"x6.5" snare, 12", 13", and 16" toms.

The drums started out like this

and now look like this

It was laquer red, but I stripped away the laquer, stained and varnished it, this is the finished product. I also had to replace the black plastic bass drum hoops with chrome hoops, replacing the bolts with vintage styled claws at the same time. I haven't set up all the cymbals I own, keeping it to the basic (and pretty) K Constantinople family of hats (13"), crash and flat ride, which is a pretty unique set up. The tom tom holder mounted from the bass drum was next to go, it looks crap, so I replaced it with a snare stand holding the tom, making the entire drum set wood and chrome... very happy. Furthermore, the skins, their all single ply battered of some description... = good jazz/vintage sound.

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