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Originally Posted by Citizen Insane View Post
Well, I just don't see what Mike Portnoy innovated. The size of a kit? Anyone can have a big kit. And all because someone is influential, doesn't mean there good. Travis Barker is probably the most influential drummer of this generation. Is he really that good? No. And I don't have to play his music to criticize Mike Portnoy. I shouldn't force myself to play something I don't like.

The reason people think Mike Portnoy is overrated is that he is praised so much by the progressive/drumming community, while their are multiple progressive drummers that are much more advanced and versatile than Mike Portnoy. Given he has a knack for odd time signatures, but overall I feel his drumming lacks the texture and fluidity of other progressive drummers such as Gavin Harrison, Danny Carey, Neil Peart. I think their music their musical approach is much more mature than Mike Portnoy's. He can't solo like Neil Peart, He doesn't have the taste of Gavin Harrison, or the heart-pounding power and emotion of Danny Carey. So im left wondering, what makes Portnoy so special?

And I've heard enough Dream Theater to know I don't like it.
I have to say I agree with everything he said in this post. Every time I see that humongous kit I want to laugh. Put Simon Phillips on that kit and he'll melt your brain.

I hear he's a pretty cool guy though, so that counts for something.
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