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Default Re: does anyone want to help me master?

Originally Posted by hawk9290 View Post
bring the drums down, bring the other instruments up, then normalize it all.
also the cymbals seem to have a lot of high-end to them, perhaps pull down the upper end eq on them.
Also, I feel like theres something lacking. I can't say for sure, but I'm not feeling enough separation between the parts, and I think you could do well with some reverb on the snare especially, perhaps a light gate. also, the tracks sound exactly like they were all close-mic'd or direct outs; i'd suggest a master reverb send, and play around with various effects on the vocals.
thanks hawk, ill be sure to check out all of those..

see these are things i cant catch with my ear because theyre fatigued from hearing this over and over.

its nice to have some fresh ears
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