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Originally Posted by manata View Post
Firstly, to say that Mike Portnoy has not innovated anything is just crazy. The man is one of the most influential drummers of this generation. I don't care how underrated, or overrated, you might think he is...but you can't argue with that.

Secondly, I truly do not understand why people think Mike Portnoy is overrated. I'd love to see anyone who hates on him play anything he does as consistently and cleanly.
Well, I just don't see what Mike Portnoy innovated. The size of a kit? Anyone can have a big kit. And all because someone is influential, doesn't mean there good. Travis Barker is probably the most influential drummer of this generation. Is he really that good? No. And I don't have to play his music to criticize Mike Portnoy. I shouldn't force myself to play something I don't like.

The reason people think Mike Portnoy is overrated is that he is praised so much by the progressive/drumming community, while their are multiple progressive drummers that are much more advanced and versatile than Mike Portnoy. Given he has a knack for odd time signatures, but overall I feel his drumming lacks the texture and fluidity of other progressive drummers such as Gavin Harrison, Danny Carey, Neil Peart. I think their music their musical approach is much more mature than Mike Portnoy's. He can't solo like Neil Peart, He doesn't have the taste of Gavin Harrison, or the heart-pounding power and emotion of Danny Carey. So im left wondering, what makes Portnoy so special?

And I've heard enough Dream Theater to know I don't like it.
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