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Originally Posted by Matt-a-tat-tat View Post
No worries mate. The diaper changing robot is in response to the claim that a mechanical system cannot be sloppy. Whereas a car building robot is precise in the welds or whatever is required of it to build a gigantic car or truck it lacks the subtlety required to change a baby's diaper. You said you didn't understand mechanical and sloppy, that that was contradiction. Just a non-drumming related side. Anyway I get what you mean about Virgil. He's good, really good. If I could play half that good I'd be satisfied. As far as his being on the verge of sloppiness claim, I've heard that mentioned a couple times. And I really do sense that in some of the things I've seen him do, not the totality of his playing. As a matter of fact, it wasn't until someone else said he seemed on the verge of sloppiness or being out of control that I noticed this.
Well I don't understand your diaper analogy because it relates to a robot built to assemble cars with precision, doing a completely different task that it is not made to do at all. It's as if you're telling me that a very solid, precise drummer was sloppy fighting with a Katana. That's how I understood it. That being said I still have not witnessed Virgil getting - what I would consider as - sloppy... Maybe someday? That would make my day to say he messed something up lol!
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