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Originally Posted by Drum-Head View Post
I never said Virgil was beyond criticism. I know that for a lot of people his playing comes off as stale... That is their feeling towards his drumming and that perfectly fine. But aside that subjectivity there is a certain objectivity when talking about the drums and music. My point is simply that Virgil is one of the most solid drummers around. His whole philosophy/approach is based upon the perfection execution of rhythms and he is flawless in that domain. That is what made Virgil's popularity in the first place."Semetimes kind of the verge" is an expression that I do not really understand, and I do not understand the analogy with a robot changing a diaper. Where does that relate with the execution of rhythms?

I hope you're not taking this the wrong way. I'm not yelling or anything. So I hope I'm not coming off as so. It's just that I have been following Virgil for many years and really, he is nowhere near sloppy, not even on the verge of it.

No worries mate. The diaper changing robot is in response to the claim that a mechanical system cannot be sloppy. Whereas a car building robot is precise in the welds or whatever is required of it to build a gigantic car or truck it lacks the subtlety required to change a baby's diaper. You said you didn't understand mechanical and sloppy, that that was contradiction. Just a non-drumming related side. Anyway I get what you mean about Virgil. He's good, really good. If I could play half that good I'd be satisfied. As far as his being on the verge of sloppiness claim, I've heard that mentioned a couple times. And I really do sense that in some of the things I've seen him do, not the totality of his playing. As a matter of fact, it wasn't until someone else said he seemed on the verge of sloppiness or being out of control that I noticed this.
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