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Originally Posted by Citizen Insane View Post
I can't say I like Virgil donati, I find his drumming very mechanical and boring, and constant doublebass in solo's gets to me after awhile. I tried really hard to get into him, but he just isn't my type of drummer.
I agree with the double bass drum part. Drum solos usually bore me to tears but when they're musical: check out Steve Smith's solo in the Drummer World grooves. Now that's a solo. Virgil's sticking is WAY more interesting than the double bass stuff. I don't know, I kinda dislike most double bass stuff and double pedal stuff because it's usually just RLRLRLRLRLRLR as fast as possible. I don't care for Ray Herrera too much but that guy can play some very even and fast triplet patterns and what not. Anyway, I like Virgil's playing but it does appear to be sort of mechanical and sometimes kind of on the verge of sloppy.
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