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Originally Posted by Mezzair View Post
I've been following Virgil for over a year or so now, I've checked out his solo stuff, purchased his DVD and his play along book, which are all fantastic. Despite is amazing skills, I still cannot stop watching this:

I can't believe how awesome and simple that is. It's amazing that Virgil can do all this complicated stuff, but when it comes down to pure playing, he's awesome at the simple stuff.

I think some people tend to miss that out and try and progress on to advanced stuff with out mastering the simple concepts.
Although that is some awesome groovery he displays in that vid with Soul Sirkus (I recommend the album with Virgil on it if you wan to hear him play some nice "normal" Rock music), I would not call that simple. He is integrating some complicated rhythmic tricks in that 4/4 groove.
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