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My fav virgil clip is from years ago, I think it was the Australian Aria Awards. Melissa Etheridge performed 'Like the Way I do' with artists Jack Jones (guitar) and Virgil Donati from Aussie band Southern Sons, and Gary Gary Beers from INXS on bass. It was just standout pure rock and I luv luv luv luv luv it! I have it on a video cassette somewhere with no way to play it.

This is where I first learnt of Virgil D.

I never saw them live in Aus, but they were pretty big in their day. I remember talking to one of the music shop owners in town and he was telling me a heap of drummers went down to a show and came home disappointed because it didn't turn into the 'virgil donati show' and he just played for the music. I thought that was pretty funny :)
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