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Default Re: Mike Portnoy

Ehh.. not a fan of Portnoy, or Dream Theater. IMO Dream Theater is an incredibly cheesy band, it's almost laughable. I fail to see how they are even in the same league as porcupine tree, tool ect;. They're music sounds like its the soundtrack for a Castlevania game.

On the subject of Portnoy, I actually think he is a entertaining drummer, I enjoy watching him drum (no matter how bad the music is.) He seems like he is enjoying what he is doing a lot. And seems very dedicated to his musical endeavors rather than trying to have the best chops around. but I think that he is overrated among the drumming press and his fanboys. I really don't think he innovated anything, and I almost never heard him play a musical situation outside of rock music. And did I mention his kit is ridicoulous? I wouldn't even want a kit that big. I enjoy watching him, but for listening pleasure he is just not my cup of tea.
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