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Originally Posted by Paul Quin View Post
It is good to see Cozy Powell getting the recognition as an innovator that he so richly deserves. Like many around my age he was the first drumming superstar with whom we became familiar. Whether it was because of his appearances on Top of the Pops or on a great old Saturday morng show called Tiswas. I even remember him hosting a competition to find the best young drummer in the UK - who later appeared live on Tiswas playing with Cozy. Wonder what happened to him?

I was lucky enough to meet Cozy at a drum clinic in Manchester in the early 1980s. THis clinic featured Cozy, Jon Hiseman and a good friend of mine Paul Burgess - who played with 10CC and later Joan Armatrading and Jethro Tull. While Jon Hiseman was a little aloof Cozy Powell was humble, approachable and genuine. And he did a great clinic!! A true sad loss to the music world - but as long as we keep talking about him and giving him the credit he deserves then he will live on within the drumming community.


hey bro....go to youtube, and punch up cozy's name....that show is on there, with the little dude who won the drumming ever shows them trading fours....

i recntly bought the rainbow live in sweden dvd.....with bob daisley and david stone, as well as dio/powell/ is simply KILLER.....cozy was amazing.....he was such a big influence on double kick owes him large for this....

long live cozy!!!!
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