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Originally Posted by aydee View Post
Yup, A little too Windham Hill for my taste. Not knowing too much about Lang's music( and only having seen him on drum DVDs, youtube etc. ), his singular quest seems to be the explore the infinite mathematical possibilities of rhythm & drumset playing. Somewhere along the line, he seems to have lost the 'song'.

I think a lot of drummers feel this lack of 'something' in spite of his incredible skills.

Question -If any of you were his teacher, what would you suggest he do ?
I don't real know about that question aydee since i'm not aware of all he's involved with but based on that clip i'd say get involved and for sure being involved in presenting some much hipper music for starts than what I just heard. The drums is always only one part of the bigger picture which is the music as a whole for me. It has to be a complete package to keep me interested.

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