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Default Re: For those 35 and older

Originally Posted by SLEEPY BRiGHT EYEZ View Post
Naz is good. I have an album of theirs that pops up on my playlist from time to time. I'm not old enough for first hand accounts though. I was born in 79.

I do wish the classic stations would play something other than the big hits from that time... That would be so great. So, so great.
Word. I was in a cafe last week and they stared playing Led Zeppelin and the Beatles on the stereo and I cringed. I thought, "This music is so incredibly overplayed I'd be embarrassed to put it in. Play something I have never heard before, or at least something I haven't heard in a long time." It's almost as bad as Christmas music during Christmas - everywhere, unrelentingly, except it never stops.

Great '70s bands I miss are Zapp, Rick James, Michael Schenker Group, Rare Earth, Blue Oyster Cult, Edgar Winter Group, KC and the Sunshine Band (yeah, I know, disco), Rainbow (prior to the Butt Rock conversion) and Sweet of course was great.
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