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Originally Posted by Citizen Insane View Post
My favorite Jazzer. His drumming makes my spine tingle, its so creative. Listening to Joe solo is like listening to good poetry. It's very lyrical and intense. Even though he is not known as a big solo guy, He is damn good at them. Most drum solos/breaks I hear feel like a pause in a song rather than a progression. Joe's solo's and breaks truly bring the song to another level. For example, my favorite drum solo;

This 1964 drum solo in the song "Sound of the Loop" is my favorite. It's incredibly musical. The intro is awesome aswell.

[Edit] also check out these drum breaks in Brubecks cover of "Take the A Train". Taste, personified.
I'm in the same boat. He's not just my favorite jazzer, but my favorite drummer of all time. I've been a huge Morello fan ever since I found a Brubeck recording in my old man's record collection when I was a kid. He's a technical wizard and everything he played was done in such a musical way, always what was just perfect for the tune.

I recently managed to finally complete my collection of Morello's educational materials. Picked up a copy of "Off the Record" on ebay. It's a 1966 book of transcripts of some of his solos from various recordings with the Brubeck quartet. It's very sweet. It starts with some basic reading exercises, then before each solo trascription is a series of exercises to help one with the ideas expressed in the actual solo.

Thanks for posting that like to the A-Train video. I hadn't seen that one yet. I love the move he does at about 9:24, dropping the stick down on the snare like that.
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