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Originally Posted by Joe P View Post
Thomas Lang has a degree in jazz. And by the way, this one definitely has feel, and he shows his less-chops side, but more groovy side that works with the music.

I don't understand why everyone's bashing Thomas Lang because he's technical. Have you actually listened to any of his records that AREN'T his solos or instructional videos? It is impossible to not have feel after the amount of time he's been playing (maybe you mistake the industrial sound of his set, whether it be his acoustic or his electronic, for a lack of feel).

Might as well tell Neil Peart that he sucks too. He's technical.
Well first off, by isolating your accusation sentence away from the rest of my post you changed its context and meaning completely, so as to use me as an example to make your shallow point. There were actually far better people to pull this stunt with, including the many who actually don't like Lang's technical side. I encourage anyone interested in this topic to go back to page 1 and read what I actually said.

I further believe your opinions would be taken with more than a grain of salt if you had your facts together. Lang does not have a degree in jazz. He attended the Vienna Conservatory, which is a very impressive thing BTW, but he did not graduate. So he has no degree. He did take some jazz coursework, and even subbed in the school big band, but this new tale is the same thing as the Travis Barker drum corps career that was really a sophmore year in the high school marching band. Still, the fact that he was the youngest student at the Vienna Conservatory in his class is impressive. I mean I don't think anybody's denying the technical skills or his obvious training. That's all legendary right?

Now in the bigger picture, these fact holds little relevance except for the fact that you passed along this completely non factual urban legend alongside an out of context quote to make a point out of me. You also assume a great deal about the listening habits of your supposed detractors and/or why they do or don't like this guy.

Interestingly enough, although you went to the trouble to reshape my quote to suit your argument, you still didn't disprove it. How does the very accomplished playing in that video demonstrate jazz?

Thomas Lang is a great practitioner of percussion and no one one is going to catch me saying anything else. The fact that his style leaves me wanting something else doesn't mean it's not the best for what it is, and there are plenty of guys out there who do like it in the more spiritual way.
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