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Default What makes a good musician?

When you listen to a band/solo musician, what qualities do you look for when deciding whether you like them or not?

For guitarers, drummists, singists, bassers, percussioners, etc. (I like switching suffixes)

For most musicians, good showmanship-people can rag on Lars Ulrich all they want, but if they see him in concert, they better be prepared for the amazing calistetics, Lars influences a lot of my showmanship.

For singers, I like a person who can wail, someone with a decent range, and good stage presence, maybe even some air guitaring.
For guitarists, I like someone who can play good in the parts that need elaboration, I can respect some progressive/technical parts where the rhythm feels weird, but only if done in the right portions, like the melodic part on tom sawyer.
For drummers, I like it when they play for the song, but I also like when they bust out their prime fills, just as long as it goes right and doesn't completely ruin the guitarists time to shine during a solo.
for bassists, I like to not hear them,lol....unless their doing a little bridge part where they do a funky little jam, in that case I like hearing them.
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