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Originally Posted by jackothedrummer1
Personally, Mike Portnoy to me is one of the most involved drummers in the drumming commmunity. He has actually sent me a signed photograph when I ordered his instructional DVD from his website because they shipped it too late for Christmas time. Super nice guy!

As for his kit, why does it matter what the size of ones kit is? He uses all of it on his kit (except the Crotales on his Purple Monster, which I agree shouldn't be there). The truth is, he wants multiple sounds, lots of variety. You can only go so far with a conventionally sized kit. Personally, if I had someone to move and set my kit up for every show, I would do the exact same thing. Why would someone judge whether a drummer is a good/bad drummer by the size of his kit? That's just as bad as someone saying, "Oh, he has long hair, he must be a stoner/idiot/homosexual!" So what if his solos aren't the best, his song compositions are what I truly enjoy. I mean some drummers like T.B. from a certain punk band that really isn't that great, gets a lot of praise. I personally believe Mr. Portnoy to be a better player and song writer then this T.B. character who will remain unidentified by me....
EDIT (NOT Terry Bozzio)

There new album was disappointing.
1) My favorite DT album is Train of thought. Octavarium can't touch it IMO.

2) Mike, Neal, Nikko are a rare breed. Tthey use large kits and the look at home with them. I like that. 98% of the players out there use a 4-6pc kit. These guys operate thier own way.
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