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Default Re: Show off your TAMA !

So the kit showed up Friday.

I really was after the standard toms but at $350.00 I could not pass it up. I never saw a good pic of the snare before I got them. I actually assumed it was a standard Superstar snare. And that would have been just fine with me ;-).

So I open one of the boxes,is it full of popcorn so I stick my hand in and pull out the 12, looks ok, some scratches, very typical for these kits, and I am going to re-finish it anyway. Then I stick my hand back in and pull out the 13, about the same condition, so far so good. Then I reach all the way down to the bottom and pull out the snare. i about fell over. It is a 6 1/2 x 14 Rosewood! I could not believe it! These are not very common and for TAMA guys very desirable. I immediately tore it apart, cleaned everything up. Put it back together with new heads and the correct snare wires. OMG. It has the crack of a 5" with the power of a 6 1/2. I can't wait to get it to rehearsal this week and play it.
Heck, the snare alone was worth at least what i paid for the entire kit!
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