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Default Re: Something i would never dream of doing to my drums

I have to admit- I watched the vid and couldn't figure out what I was supposed to be looking for.
So he stood on his stuff. It's showmanship. It's not good showmanship, as he looks silly and isn't that great a drummer, but I really don't understand the big deal.
I've knocked over many a kit, ala Moonie. (Of course this was yrs ago, in my edgier, punkier days)
Would I do it now? Prob not, but in the excitement of a live performance- the spontaneous intensity of the music, the lights, the crowd, (alcohol lol) etc... sometimes the devil on the left shoulder overrides the angel on the right.
Of course the guy in this vid was just in a garage by himself. A little self-absorbed I would say.
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