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real name- Mark
age -25
how long been playing -11 years
origin of user name - Band Name
top 5 drummers - Elvin Jones, Tony Williams, Art Blakey, Buddy Rich, Mitch Mitchell
make of drumkit - Mixed, Yamaha Oak custom toms 13X9 16X16 24X20 GMS Maple Kick 5X14 Ludwig brass on brass Black Beauty Snare drum with Tube lugs
make of cymbal? Zidljian Rock hats 14" Zildjian K Ride 20" ZIldjian Sweet Ride 21"
where do you practice? Below a bakery, our room is a wopping 1200 SQ/Ft
are you in a band/s? 1 Band Superlow
covers or originals? Original Music
what style of music? By todays standards it would considered straight up rock.
favourite take out food? Pizza
country? U.S.
one really odd fact about yourself? Addictive personality
how did you start drumming? I was influenced by Jimi Hendrix and Mitch Mitchell. Also all of my friends were making music so I decided to join the bandwagon.