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Hello Gregg,
Thank you to you too for the compliments. It's always so nice to hear when people outside this tiny spot called Denmark are aware of your work. Makes me very proud, thanks! Good to see that my records made it all the way to Canada!
As for Dexter I can only say it was an honour to work with this man. He was the one who taught me how to play a ballad (he would actually call me up in the middle of the night to teach me!!!)

The three bass players you mention are my absolute favorites too. And of course I love playing with Eddie Gomez. And Bo Stief (another Dane). I'll miss NHOP for sure!

Feel free to email or pm me (but be patient cos it may be a few days before I'm online again)

Best wishes

Hey Mr. Duke
Great to hear from you too. I would LOVE to come to Canada again. Maybe with my new trio ... we'll see! Thanks.

Best wishes

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