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Default Re: Show Off Your DW Kit

...I took some new pics.

This is my playpen.

This is my big kit. 24x16, 16x16, 13x9, 14x6 edge 20" Manhattan, 14" dark hats, 16" thin, 17" HHXtreme, 18" fast china.

This is my small kit. 18x16, 14x14, 12x8, 14x6 20" A Zildjian med ride, 14" new beats, 16" K dark, 16" A med thin crashes.

I am really enjoying these kits. I liked the way Bojangleman had his cymbals in his avatar, so it inspired me to change my normal position, and add the china to my fave drums and my fave cymbals.

My bop kit sounds HUGE. I added the wood hoops, and a reverse dot EC-1 to the snare, and switched to those clear EC-1s on the toms. The toms have lost some of their warmth with the clear heads, but I like the brightness, and projection. Adding the bass drum riser allows me to set my pedal where It feels comfortable, and have the beater hit in the sweet spot. This little bass sounds a loy bigger than I honestly thought it would.

I really like these Zildjian cymbals. I might buy a 15 or 17" china to go with these, maybe a K.

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