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Default Re: The Grand Master Buddy Rich

Wow I just sat down and read this entire thread and I have to say its a good one. To me what made Buddy great wasnt his solos or technique which BTW are amazing. In my eyes what was best about him was the way he drove the band. The guy was a machine.

Some drummers are like pied pipers, they play their little magical tune on the drums and get the band to follow them. Guys like Buddy and Bonham go up punch the the band in the face and say "your coming with me" You can tell the moment the song kicks off they are in charge.

I got to see Buddy right about the time I started playing a few years before he died. My Dad took me to see him and I had heard of him but had know idea what I was in for. Being about 10 or 11 years old in my eyes Jazz was a lesser form of music than the Ozzy and Maiden I was listening to at the time. I remember I didnt really want to go, I though it would be boring. Big Band music was for old farts my Dad just said "trust me kid, you will love it".

When the band came out and Buddy kicked off that first tune my jaw hit the floor. It was so loud and so powerful I didnt know jazz could be so intense. And Buddy being in his late 60's looked like a mad man possesed by some evil drumming demon. What struck me most about that night was not his drum solo but the way commanded the band. He was the force behind the music. That was the single most important event in my drumming life. It was at that moment my persona was born. Not with the chops, or technique. But that attitude that makes every person in that band know that once the song starts I'm in charge.

In my eyes Buddy is the best
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