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Default Sean Kinney's snare sounds: Roland R8 samples??

Just joined an AIC tribute band and was wondering if anyone has figured out Sean's snare sounds? Some of the early recordings sound just like snare patches from Roland's R8 model drum machine, which I used to have in the late 80's. I'm using a TD-8 V-Drum module now and am about to go thru and figure out which patches sound most like the individual songs on the albums so that I can trigger my acoustic snare live. Since it's a tribute band I want to emulate his sound to the extent possible. I'll bet there are R8 sounds in the TD-8 library, but I haven't gone through the 400 or so snares I have yet. What a nightmare...
I'd hate to reinvent the wheel if someone has already developed a list.
Any help is appreciated!
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