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Default Re: Alex Riel

Here I was going to try and answer the questions about Alex and I scroll down and see that Alex did!!! Thanks Alex!

I'd also chime in and say that I really like your stuff Alex, particularly your solo cds, 'DSB Kino', 'Rielatin', 'UnRiel' and the Trio recording 'Emergence'. I first heard your playing on the Steeplechase Dexter Gordon recordings ( Cheese Cake, King Neptune,
Billie's Bounce, Love For Sale, It's You Or No One ) and have been hooked ever since.

I also second the motion that those of you who have not heard Alex, GO LISTEN. Always swinging, always musical and playing that is full of wit and intelligence. Not something that you find that much today, to my ears. Every time I hear something Alex has done, I too hear an excitement and joy that we should all try to capture!
Alex also has a really refined and musical way of playing with a bassist, in particular (at least my favourite pairings) Jesper Lundegaard, Mads Vinding and the late NHOP.

Alex's website:

Alex, I have some other questions for you, if I can email or private message you, let me know.

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