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Default Re: The Grand Master Buddy Rich

Let me put this discussion into a different light and angle on things so to speak, Put yourself in the shoes of the man in question and count the Buddy Rich Band into "Time Being" as one of any number of excellent Big Band charts and vehicles played and made famous by this master of drumming and in particular "Big Band drumming".Now as you only have a few seconds at this point to prepare yourself for the challenge ahead of you see how you could see YOURSELF fairing and measuring up on delivering the solid goods at the high level Buddy played at in the context of the music and his high level of soloing in front of a packed house. I think that would quickly put everything is perspective and will still see if some here think he was overated. Get my point:)

By the way I saw Buddy several times live and it was always a thrilling exciting sonic display of 5 star drumming and razor sharp Big Band ensemble playing without any debate on the subject in my book.

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