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Default Re: The Mars Volta - Bedlam In Goliath

Originally Posted by tmv View Post
from April 08 Drum! magazine.

"STAYING SINGLE. The most important myth to debunk about Thomas is that he uses a double pedal on his bass drum. With footwork as frenetic as his, it's an easy mistake to make. "I was gonna use two bass drums on The Mars Volta but Omar was like, 'Don't do it.' I'm like, 'Why not?' And he's like, 'Because they're not gonna believe it's a single pedal.' I'm so into mimicking stuff: like mimicking drum 'n' bass, mimicking double pedal with a single pedal. For the longest time I was trying to play thirty-second-notes. It hella built up my ankle muscle."
Yeah I'm into fast single pedal kicking a lot since I'm a kid and still I can't get use to it, I have quite a good ankle muscle but still you get tired so its difficult when you do many takes in studio and also live its not easy after a full set...But yeah listenning to the cd I know which song he mentionned, its double-strokes so its possible he just has to take a red bull. I wonder if he uses speed king; I do.
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