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Default Re: The Grand Master Buddy Rich

Originally Posted by michael drums View Post

The words Buddy Rich and overrated can NOT possibly be used in the same sentence...unless...the word NOT is inserted right before the word overrated.

I'm guessing your under 30 years of age, and probably not even ever heard of Bernard "Buddy" Rich? :-|


Though the answer to your confusion is right in your name.
What would it matter if I was over 30 years of age? OH YEAH! I forgot that only people that are 30 and older can give an opinion of Buddy Rich. And don't insult me saying that I never heard of Buddy Rich, thats very condescending and annoying. This thread isn't called "Lets All agree with each other that Buddy Rich is the best drummer who ever lived". All because I don't share your opinion on Buddy Rich, doesn't give you the right to be a little smartass with me. And why do you think its such a blasphemy that I think Buddy Rich is overrated? When there is a thread about such a large, and honored figure in the history of drumming. Your bound to get mixed opinions. Oh, and thank you for informing me with your wisdom about Buddy Rich, I had no idea his first name was Bernard. ^^
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