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Originally Posted by OZjazzer
We don't get a zillion great jazz drummers touring Australia but seeing and hearing Alex Riel as part of the Niels lan Doky trio backing the sensational Lisa Nilsson was a great privelage. This whole package was so much better than the very dissapointing (and somewhat indulgent) Dianna Krall tour earlier this year, and swung much much harder (wow was she ever missing a Hamilton or Erskine in the drum chair?)
With the Doky/Nilsson group it was great to hear see musos actually enjoying playing. Alex sounded fantastic on a borrowed kit with his own cymbals and snare. His excitement level was the thing that seems to be missing with a lot of the earnest young men coming out of the jazz courses these days. Fabulous! (There are 2 videos of him here).
Cymbals? I know he plays Paiste, but what are they, particularly the rides? The Paiste site lists him as an endorser but doesn't show his set-up. Does anyone know? His cymbal sound was marvelous. If you get the chance to hear this great player, don't hesitate.

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Hi OZjazzer

First of all thank you very much for your kind words. I'm very flattered!
I'm glad you appreciate Lisa Nilsson as well, cos in my book she's one of the best singers around. It's a great pleasure to accompany such a unique talent.

AND it was a wonderful experience to visit Australia too! My first time there, hope it's not the last. Loved the Aussies and their sense of humour!!!

Now, you ask what kind of cymbals I played at that gig:
20" flat ride Paiste Formula 602 with rivets
22" Paiste prototype (not in production)
20" Chinese crash ride
14" hi-hat Paiste Dimension Light

(btw it wasn't my snare)
I'm usually playing a Gretch kit ..

Best wishes
Alex (Riel)

........... Hello Bernhard!!!!!!!!!!!
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