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The only music I have bought in the last three years, I bought from iTunes. Either song by song, for .99, or by the album for a varied price. I must say however that most of that is older stuff, and some "oldies" if you will. In my opinion, if the record industry wnat to sell music then they have to start recording music. There are only a few bands around now that I would even lsiten to a little bit, and maybe buy a single or two, but hardly any full albums. Stop producing garbage and I will start buying again. I have plenty of equipment to play CD's but it sits idle for the lack of decent stuff to buy, much less download or steal. After I buy them from iTunes I may burn some to play on other machines, but that also is rare. I realize that ones taste, is ones taste but I cannot get my self to buy anything current. And why pay 15.00 for 8 or 10 songs when I can buy 1 or 2 for .99 each.
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